Short Story Slam 2


An old man with a hat,

With a horse that was fat,

Rode into town one day,

Looking somewhere to stay.


He looked forward and back,

There it was, an attack!

The man ducked, oh so late,

Will the sword end his fate?


Skies opened with thunder,

The sword, torn asunder.

The man breathed a large sigh,

He thought it was goodbye.


His enemy was gone,

His shadow was forlorn.

The man looked, walked away,

Finding a place to stay.



18 thoughts on “Short Story Slam 2

  1. wow, you got a plot, and he survived,

    he does seem looking for a place to stay,

    love your entry, have fun!

    • Haha thanks very much, it’s the first time I’ve ever done something like this.

      I’ve done my 18 comments worth for TPR (:

  2. great rhyming work here! it made me smile.

  3. Short sweet & to the point !

  4. LOL. Great opening lines. 🙂

  5. Very nice. I enjoyed the rhythm, the rhyme and the story!

  6. Inspired use of the prompt. I was at a loss to tell the truth. This had a real flow to it.

  7. I loved the story and the entire flow of the piece!

  8. I agree the flow was wonderful and the story was good. I like the old guys determination!

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