Short Story Slam 3

The trees look up into the sky,
All thinking, “Oh a dark face, why?”
A grey cloud emerges, smiling,
“Hurrah, Big Brother is coming!”
The trees shake in fear, the clouds mocked,
They stay rooted to the floor, shocked.
“Oh no, it’s Big Brother,” they say,
“Maybe he will come, but not stay!”
Anticipation and disgust,
Fills up the waiting trees, they must.
“No one ever outran Big Brother,
He is just too fast… Run? Never.”
As Big Brother rushes closer,
He comes nearer, the sky darker.
Dust and earth surrounds the poor trees,
He’s controlling their destinies.
“What happened to them, the trees?”
“Until next time…”, he ignores pleas.
The young trees, little do they know,
Their old father saw the whole show.

Bluebell Books’ Short Story Slam 3 (: I’ll love to see your comments.


9 thoughts on “Short Story Slam 3

  1. Great job I can’t hear Big Brother and not think of 1984 fabulous metaphor

  2. Very crafty. I’m very curious and will look at other things you’ve done.

  3. one of the best I read for the day.
    you are such a creative soul.

    love your entry, you make the nature humans.

  4. LOVE the way you give life to nature.
    Very nice read, thank you!

  5. Short Story Slam Week 4 is still open for submission,
    Come on in,
    We love your creativity/talent…
    Happy Thursday!
    Love & hugs.

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