The Cold Wind

The wind blows a chilling tale,
Of a man and a woman along this road.
They hold hands and whisper, faces pale,
For with the other hand, oh, the other hand is cold.

As they walk down the path, the man sees,
A tree bearing fruit, slightly out of reach.
The man bends forward, gets down on his knees,
One hand outstretched, for that wonderful peach.

The woman too, sees something else on the way,
It is not the tree that interests her, it is the shiny ring.
Hanging precariously, the ring starts to sway,
The woman looks up and starts jumping and missing.

The hands grow tired, they leave each other,
The pink peach for the man, the ring for the woman.
As they attain what they seek, oh what a bother,
The ring is a imitation, the lovely peach, already rotten.

As they turn back, eyes for each other again,
Oh what a shame, for they have gone blind.
For time passes when looking for personal gain,
For what you have lost you will never find.

The wind blows a chilling tale,
Of a man and a woman along this road.
I hope my friends, that you cherish without fail,
For when you look away, they grow old.


Sorry for the inactivity, school has been a hell of a thing to go through with.


4 thoughts on “The Cold Wind

  1. This was a very nice post. I enjoyed reading your blog today very much.

    Love to write?

    Join Us Today – Writers Wanted

    • Hey thanks!

      Yes I do love writing, it’s just that most of the time life doesn’t bring forth enough time for me to do much haha

  2. I like how this poem tells a story that teaches a lesson. We run away from the things that matter to chase after junk only to return again to the things that matter. Oh, people.
    I enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing.

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