Everyone is going away
I’m still sitting here
Calling each of them
Hoping that one would come

But no one would come
No one would give up their time
Everyone wants to go their own way
Far far away

We made plans
Many plans that stayed constant
To sit around the mango tree
And talk about the future we had

C wanted to be a nurse
D wanted to be a pop star
V wanted to be a bartender
And I wanted to be a pilot

Then C went away, to learn law
D found her true love and her true love swept her away
V didn’t even survive past his 18th birthday
And I realised no one would stay

Now that I’m all alone
My friends are all gone
The sun shines brightly down
The grass is brown and dry

Everyone is gone
Everyone is going going gone
I am so tired
I want to just sleep

So I never have to wake up
And remember that I’m lonely
And remember that I’m all alone


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