I see you off the airport
And one of the others wave at me
You board the plane together
Your seats are beside each other
He has the window seat but he lets you have it
And soon enough you talk about everything on the plane
And suddenly you realise he’s giving you a cheeky smile
And you blush a little.

Cause he looks at you differently than the others
Cause he thinks you look great even when you yell at the orphan kids
Cause he buys you breakfast and hammers at the door for you to wake up before anyone else is awake
So you can see the sunrise with him
And he’ll take pictures of the surroundings
And then he asks you to stand in one of those pictures
And he thinks that picture is the best of them all
Even though the picture has a rubbish dump behind you
Cause you were in the picture.

And you’d fall in love with him over and over
Cause he smiles like the sun lives in his teeth
Cause his voice sounds like a rooster in the morning and a little hamster in the night
Cause he burps like he only had gas for lunch and nothing else
Cause his eyes shine every single time you accidentally catch his glance
Cause he’s all you wished for when you boarded that plane.

And you’d come back
Avoid all I ask
Disappear from my life
And I’ll catch you in the news
About two fated lovers
That were always meant to be
And you are happy
And he’s happy
And I’ll just wonder why I ever tried at all.


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