I once liked a girl
Who was beautiful
On the inside
And on the outside
And I could never understand her

We would go out on a mind trip
To lands unknown
To accompany Daniel and Luce
As they made their way back to heaven
And back down to Earth again

I would sit down and think
What would she like me to do
Should I take more initiative
Is she mad at me
I never knew

The nights would come
And I would turn into a monster
Against the world and against myself
And she would try to comfort me
And she would fail over and over

The scars grew daily
As I woke up with little recollection
And I would try to talk to her
Hope she would laugh
So that I could have a chance of laughing

And mistakes were made
I was a candle willing to be burnt out
At the whims of the people I loved and cared for
And I burnt myself out
Because she wanted me to start anew

Now that the flame is gone
And I have forgotten all feelings towards her
The memories reside in my mind
Everything that I want to remember
Locked away in silence

And so I say to you, siren
That one day you pine for another
And I will pine for another
And we will remember those days
And we will not regret that Thursday

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