Girl With A Price Tag

I finally have enough
I hop onto the next train
It is filled with people
I don’t mind standing today

My stop is here
The doors open to a fresh breeze
Guys look at me with a smile
They know why I am here

The store is open
A huge neon sign greets me
I wave my card and verify myself
Yes, I have enough

I head down to the center
The whines from the sides don’t bother me
I know what I am here for
And there she is

It is 2050
The female human is now endangered
Thus human authority have determined
They will have to be rationed

The one in the center
With green eyes still burning
Watching warily as I approach her
You are mine

Credit deducted
She is imprinted with my scent
Clothed in bright colours
Out of the store we go

She holds on to my arm
The train ride is her first
The door opens with my key
“Welcome back, sister.”


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