Covered in glitter and gold
You stepped out, into his arms
Prince Charming didn’t really look all too charming
Not like you had much makeup on either

It didn’t really matter
The beach walks were pretty long
The songs sung were pretty sweet
The gazes you held between yourselves lasted forever

But alas, forever is short
In the realm of dreams and wonders
Perhaps, Prince Charming was one of many
Perhaps, you’ll find the next person charming too.

Did I Tell You

Did I tell you

That the day that you caught my eye
Was the day I wanted to die
That the day you asked for my name
Was the day I thought I could leave this world

Did I tell you

That the only face I could bother recognizing
Was yours, edited and pixelated
That the only words I wanted to read
Were yours, edited and autocorrected

Did I tell you

That every single picture I linked to you
Were painstakingly sorted so I always had one
That every video I watched from your feed
Were placed in a playlist so I would never forget them

Oh, that’s right
I never did
Cause I never realized that I had to tell you everything
In order for you to trust me at all

It also helped that I’m insane
I’m crazy
I have a thousand friends
All living in my head