Haikus of 6/6


Deep rest brought me back
The colours of yesteryear,
Glaucoma be damned


I put on my shirt
I broke my keyboard


A girl walks past me
Butterflies in my stomach
Oh wait, distention



names written in stone
tears shed for disorder
there comes a time
where dreams lay to rest

and by and by
do the trees sing
“oh how wonderful,
how beautiful
is love
from smooth spring
from scorching summer
from agile autumn
from windswept winter”

trees that
turn over a new leaf
do so without fail
just to survive
they don’t hold out
for succulent spring
nor supreme summer
nor authentic autumn
nor wise winter
but yet I’m here

for you

like a flower waiting
to bloom in time
it has been never
since forever
and never is a long time
possibly longer than forever.


The differences between you and me
I’ve seen the sky turn from blue to grey
I’ve watched a ship sail from west to east
You haven’t

The differences between you and me
I’ve heard the voices of the choir carol
I’ve listened to the speeches of great men
You haven’t

The differences between you and me
I’ve tasted the bitterness of cocoa
I’ve savoured the sweetness of peaches
You haven’t

And yet
You tell me
You’ve seen the colours of the wind
You’ve heard the layman’s cry for change
You’ve tasted victory despite defeat

Most of all
The difference between you and me
You love me
But I don’t love me


Covered in glitter and gold
You stepped out, into his arms
Prince Charming didn’t really look all too charming
Not like you had much makeup on either

It didn’t really matter
The beach walks were pretty long
The songs sung were pretty sweet
The gazes you held between yourselves lasted forever

But alas, forever is short
In the realm of dreams and wonders
Perhaps, Prince Charming was one of many
Perhaps, you’ll find the next person charming too.