Not A Second More

The stars never told me of your existence
Nor did they ever told you of mine
I would struggle to know my identity
But you knew yours all along

We woke at the same time that morning
You had to head down early to work
I opened my eyes to the light in my eyes
I didn’t sleep well at all

My afternoon was filled with voices
“You’re useless, why aren’t you working?”
“You should never call yourself as my son anymore.”
I could only curl up and cry

Your boss had you come up to his office
A promotion was on its way
Colleagues all had roses ready
It was a huge celebration

The door slammed behind me
The voices wouldn’t follow me out
The lift ride down was filled with thoughts
“Should I never live another day?”

The road was quiet for a rainy evening
Filled with water, indistinguishable from my tears
The cars took no heed of me
The traffic lights never turned red

Yet you stopped
In your white car
Parked right beside
Me of my past

“Are you okay?”
“Do you need help?”
“Get inside my car, it’ll shelter you for a while.”
Your soft voice cut through the rain

And your screams did too
As the grim reaper drove his truck
Right past the crimson light
Right into you

I’ve woken from my nightmare
It has been three years since
I guess all I needed was that one minute with you
Not a second more

Prostitute and Her Client

The pink lingerie fits perfectly
Lips dipped in crimson red
The perfume of a royal flower
The clients are to be pleased

The door opens for one
He’s unlike the usual man
Sunglasses covering his eyes
He growls for “a young one”

She appears with an uneasy smile
It is her virgin day after all
He limps towards her
It is not a physical injury

Behind closed doors the girl strips
Yet the man stares at the floor
As folded clothes are laid beside
The carpet turns dark and moist

The girl is astonished
She was prepared but not for this
Biting her nails she paces around
The man calls for her to sit down

A new fetish perhaps
Or he is the sudden violent type
She braces herself for a tight slap
Yet receives a hug instead

Tears drop down her shoulder
The man is now just a man
He cries for comfort
And she returns it in her way

It was supposed to be their fourth anniversary
They were to head out to their favourite place
Under the night sky they would enjoy
Dinner for two

He could not finish his words
All the man could do was cry in sorrow
The girl sat there and held his hands
And both of them waited

She was just studying the day before
Worries were of school and friends
Her life shattered as men took her away
Her parents waved goodbye at gunpoint

“Life never ends up the way it should be
We are placed together and picked apart at whim
I however with all that in mind can say
That I am here for you now”

The man never saw her again
The girl disappeared the next day
Some tell me the brothel never existed
My father tells me otherwise

Without You

I don’t hear a voice when I wake up
I don’t smell toast as I finish my bath
My cheeks are dry as I leave the house
My phone doesn’t light up at work
I don’t have homemade meals for lunch
I have no plans after work
There is only one pint of beer on the table
The TV channel doesn’t change
Dinner is a silent affair
I complete my work and emails
I can’t finish the ice cream tub
The bed is empty as I step out of the shower
My body is cold as I lie on the bed
Without you.


I once took a man
From his seat
Wailing, kicking and screaming
He was strong, but I was smarter
And so
I boiled him
In the tears of his victims
I fried him
With the oil seeping through his shirt
And then I cut him up
With the knife he kept in his car
All his remains were used well
As dog food
As a paperweight
The oil ruins the paper though
Maybe I shouldn’t have used it as a paperweight