Prostitute and Her Client

The pink lingerie fits perfectly
Lips dipped in crimson red
The perfume of a royal flower
The clients are to be pleased

The door opens for one
He’s unlike the usual man
Sunglasses covering his eyes
He growls for “a young one”

She appears with an uneasy smile
It is her virgin day after all
He limps towards her
It is not a physical injury

Behind closed doors the girl strips
Yet the man stares at the floor
As folded clothes are laid beside
The carpet turns dark and moist

The girl is astonished
She was prepared but not for this
Biting her nails she paces around
The man calls for her to sit down

A new fetish perhaps
Or he is the sudden violent type
She braces herself for a tight slap
Yet receives a hug instead

Tears drop down her shoulder
The man is now just a man
He cries for comfort
And she returns it in her way

It was supposed to be their fourth anniversary
They were to head out to their favourite place
Under the night sky they would enjoy
Dinner for two

He could not finish his words
All the man could do was cry in sorrow
The girl sat there and held his hands
And both of them waited

She was just studying the day before
Worries were of school and friends
Her life shattered as men took her away
Her parents waved goodbye at gunpoint

“Life never ends up the way it should be
We are placed together and picked apart at whim
I however with all that in mind can say
That I am here for you now”

The man never saw her again
The girl disappeared the next day
Some tell me the brothel never existed
My father tells me otherwise


I’m five
Dad says I should go play with my dolls
Brother is sobbing on the couch
Dad has this look on his face like he’s going to cry
I hug him
Maybe he’ll stop crying now
What time will Mom come home?

I’m seven
Dad holds me up and swings me around
Brother is holding my birthday cake
Dad tells me to make a wish loudly
I wish for Mom to come back soon
Maybe now she’ll hear it
Why is everyone crying?

I’m ten
Dad tells me to smile a little more
Brother stands beside me with his graduation certificate
Dad tells me to stand still and stop talking
I ask about Mom and whether she’s going to take a picture too
Maybe she’ll come soon
Why is everyone so quiet?

I’m twelve
Dad is sitting at the table drinking beer
Brother is yelling at his phone again
Dad keeps looking outside the window
I don’t dare to ask anymore
Maybe Mom doesn’t like me anymore
Why doesn’t she like me?

I’m eighteen
Dad tells me to have a blast
Brother tells John to keep an eye out on me
Dad slaps John on the back and gives him a big smile
I come out the door with Mom’s myrtle green dress
Maybe I will enjoy this
Why does Dad look so flabbergasted?

I’m twenty five
Dad is preparing to send me down the aisle
Brother is yelling at the waiters to get ready
Dad opens the door to receive me
I have Mom’s wedding dress
Maybe Mom’s enjoying this from heaven too
Why is everyone crying?


To be betrayed by your friends
When they tell you they will be there
But they aren’t
Because you’re insignificant

To be betrayed by your family
When they tell you they always love you
But they stab you in the back
Because you’re different

To be betrayed by the one person that you love
When that person says they will stay with you forever
But they leave you for someone else
Because someone else was there

To be betrayed by yourself
When you tell yourself everything will be okay
But everything is not okay
Because you end it all prematurely with a jump

I hate all of this.