Tinted Glasses

Tinted glasses
Having passes
A pause in reality

The Sun gets dark
You spied a lark
Diminished mobility

As it stands now
I take a bow
My job is done as of today

Few miles apart
Like in my heart
I don’t think of you as I pray


names written in stone
tears shed for disorder
there comes a time
where dreams lay to rest

and by and by
do the trees sing
“oh how wonderful,
how beautiful
is love
from smooth spring
from scorching summer
from agile autumn
from windswept winter”

trees that
turn over a new leaf
do so without fail
just to survive
they don’t hold out
for succulent spring
nor supreme summer
nor authentic autumn
nor wise winter
but yet I’m here

for you

like a flower waiting
to bloom in time
it has been never
since forever
and never is a long time

longer than

Last Thought

May this be the last I think of you
When I walk down the streets
And a cat leaps onto my path
Crying for a little attention

May this be the last I think of you
When I turn on the television
And the drama tells of a love story
That started great, yet gone all awry

May this be the last I think of you
When I find myself in a bookshop
And the books all scream for my touch
To find hidden gems between them

May this be the last I think of you
When I hear songs sung in French
And the singer reaches a high note
Holding it beyond all belief

May this be the last I think of you
When I write down this poem
And your words still linger like a breeze
Memories are but a cursed blessing

Not A Second More

The stars never told me of your existence
Nor did they ever told you of mine
I would struggle to know my identity
But you knew yours all along

We woke at the same time that morning
You had to head down early to work
I opened my eyes to the light in my eyes
I didn’t sleep well at all

My afternoon was filled with voices
“You’re useless, why aren’t you working?”
“You should never call yourself as my son anymore.”
I could only curl up and cry

Your boss had you come up to his office
A promotion was on its way
Colleagues all had roses ready
It was a huge celebration

The door slammed behind me
The voices wouldn’t follow me out
The lift ride down was filled with thoughts
“Should I never live another day?”

The road was quiet for a rainy evening
Filled with water, indistinguishable from my tears
The cars took no heed of me
The traffic lights never turned red

Yet you stopped
In your white car
Parked right beside
Me of my past

“Are you okay?”
“Do you need help?”
“Get inside my car, it’ll shelter you for a while.”
Your soft voice cut through the rain

And your screams did too
As the grim reaper drove his truck
Right past the crimson light
Right into you

I’ve woken from my nightmare
It has been three years since
I guess all I needed was that one minute with you
Not a second more


Tears dropped down his eyes
His face a mosaic of pain and anguish
In his hands a lifeless body
So young, frail and completely devoid of soul

Tears dropped down her eyes
Her offspring spins on the icy battleground
All actions suddenly come to an end
Applause surrounds the stadium

Tears dropped down his eyes
She stands in front, nodding
In her hand was a new shiny band
Life’s journey was about to begin

Tears dropped down her eyes
The family all follow suit
She waves at the ones she loved
But never sees the returning goodbye


I once liked a girl
Who was beautiful
On the inside
And on the outside
And I could never understand her

We would go out on a mind trip
To lands unknown
To accompany Daniel and Luce
As they made their way back to heaven
And back down to Earth again

I would sit down and think
What would she like me to do
Should I take more initiative
Is she mad at me
I never knew

The nights would come
And I would turn into a monster
Against the world and against myself
And she would try to comfort me
And she would fail over and over

The scars grew daily
As I woke up with little recollection
And I would try to talk to her
Hope she would laugh
So that I could have a chance of laughing

And mistakes were made
I was a candle willing to be burnt out
At the whims of the people I loved and cared for
And I burnt myself out
Because she wanted me to start anew

Now that the flame is gone
And I have forgotten all feelings towards her
The memories reside in my mind
Everything that I want to remember
Locked away in silence

And so I say to you, siren
That one day you pine for another
And I will pine for another
And we will remember those days
And we will not regret that Thursday