Tell Me Not

Tell me not of heartache
Cured by a single apology
Cured by swallowing pride
Cured by telling the truth

Tell me not of pain
Cured by a single kiss
Cured by human change
Cured by humor

Tell me not of hate
Cured by listening
Cured by letting go
Cured by exchange

Tell me not of love
Cured by ‘a better one’
Cured by monetary troubles
Cured by death


To be betrayed by your friends
When they tell you they will be there
But they aren’t
Because you’re insignificant

To be betrayed by your family
When they tell you they always love you
But they stab you in the back
Because you’re different

To be betrayed by the one person that you love
When that person says they will stay with you forever
But they leave you for someone else
Because someone else was there

To be betrayed by yourself
When you tell yourself everything will be okay
But everything is not okay
Because you end it all prematurely with a jump

I hate all of this.