How He Loves Me

Darn, the alarm is louder than before
I don’t want to leave my bed
Everything hurts
Work still calls

The car ride is dreadful
He only grunts in reply now
What happened to that sweet eloquent man
That pursued after me with words

Door opens and I step outside in new heels
It is only a quick kiss and a goodbye
His scent although brief, leaves me wanting
Without hesitation I turn and work begins

Office politics, like the water cycle
Icy cold gossip about wet actions
Turn into hot airs amongst colleagues
My boss keeps staring at me

Lunch passes by and he didn’t message me
I wonder if he’s too busy, or if he’s too busy for me
Thoughts erupt from the very heart
I should stop thinking about this

It is time to clock out
The car ride back is like before
He’s not even trying to answer
I’ll settle this when I am home

Dinner passes and we sit down on the couch
I hold his hand and he responds in kind
“Dear, I don’t know why, but I keep thinking that you don’t love me anymore.”
“But I know it is not true, tell me it is not true.”

He has his puzzled face again
The smart man is befuddled by something
Is he making up an excuse
Is he going to come clean

He tells me to stop thinking
He tells me that he loves me
That is not enough
And so he writes it in the way that I know

In a haiku
In a short lovely haiku
Like he always had
Like he will always be:

Love of my whole life
Watch my actions, hear my songs
A man of few words