Tinted Glasses

Tinted glasses
Having passes
A pause in reality

The Sun gets dark
You spied a lark
Diminished mobility

As it stands now
I take a bow
My job is done as of today

Few miles apart
Like in my heart
I don’t think of you as I pray


Just Like You

they told me
to go and find someone again
that the next person would
be better

the first one
had a laugh
a bright smile
just like you

the second one
had a curve
a body
just like you

the third one
had passion
for others
just like you

it turns out
only you
just like you


it has been eons
since the last time
I sat down and cried

it has been eons
since the last time
I looked up and smiled

it has been eons
since the last time
I saw your simple grin

it has been eons since
and it will be eons till
I find myself not thinking
about how many eons it has been

I Drift

I drift
up high
and land
for one

they call
for me
to come
back home
but where
is home
but where
was home

I close
my eyes
and point
from them
and drift

next page
brand new
the old
no more


names written in stone
tears shed for disorder
there comes a time
where dreams lay to rest

and by and by
do the trees sing
“oh how wonderful,
how beautiful
is love
from smooth spring
from scorching summer
from agile autumn
from windswept winter”

trees that
turn over a new leaf
do so without fail
just to survive
they don’t hold out
for succulent spring
nor supreme summer
nor authentic autumn
nor wise winter
but yet I’m here

for you

like a flower waiting
to bloom in time
it has been never
since forever
and never is a long time
possibly longer than forever.


The differences between you and me
I’ve seen the sky turn from blue to grey
I’ve watched a ship sail from west to east
You haven’t

The differences between you and me
I’ve heard the voices of the choir carol
I’ve listened to the speeches of great men
You haven’t

The differences between you and me
I’ve tasted the bitterness of cocoa
I’ve savoured the sweetness of peaches
You haven’t

And yet
You tell me
You’ve seen the colours of the wind
You’ve heard the layman’s cry for change
You’ve tasted victory despite defeat

Most of all
The difference between you and me
You love me
But I don’t love me

Did It Matter

Did it matter to you
That my goals disappeared
That what I made went up in flames?

Did it matter to you
That my best friend leapt off
That the sole witness was me?

Did it matter to you
That I suffered from nightmares
That they didn’t stop after waking up?

Did it matter to you
That I could only read certain words
That sentences were once in a blue moon?

Cause look at you now
Begging on your knees
Calling yourself my BFF
That you’ve loved me all along
Reaching out to barely grasp
At the riches that I have amassed
Only a dollar, only a thousand
What are friends for, eh?

Stay away all you fair weather friends
Cause apparently I did not matter then.