Haiku of 3/6

I sit on the bench
Falling into a deep sleep
While thinking of you.


EDIT: I accept the Perfect Poet Award. (:

Acceptance Haiku:
Staring into blue
Dark ominous choppy seas
I laugh and jump in

Poem of 1/6

Heaven has placed near, a red stain,
Someone to cause me hurt and pain.
After a while, he starts to wane,
Not saying anything profane.
Learning to love thy enemy,
Live against the majority.
There is always a remedy,
For the cold, sick, bad and deadly.

Poem of 30/5

For my own cause, revenge is sweet.
I want to kill and eat their meat.
To see their face, hear their defeat,
To see them cower, feels quite neat.
But oh, my morals limit me,
My conscience, a string holding me,
What can I do to make you see,
Truly want to make you happy.

Poem of 28/5

Raindrops are falling on my head,
Like explosive bombs, ready-made.
Even as they hit, I still stayed,
Looking at the trees as they swayed.
Raindrops are falling on my hand,
Like works of nature, just as planned.
I shiver, but I still pretend,
To be collected as I stand.
Raindrops are falling on my foot,
Like the angels were told to shoot.
“Where are you?”, the answer is moot,
I am here, I am staying put.

Short Story Slam 2


An old man with a hat,

With a horse that was fat,

Rode into town one day,

Looking somewhere to stay.


He looked forward and back,

There it was, an attack!

The man ducked, oh so late,

Will the sword end his fate?


Skies opened with thunder,

The sword, torn asunder.

The man breathed a large sigh,

He thought it was goodbye.


His enemy was gone,

His shadow was forlorn.

The man looked, walked away,

Finding a place to stay.


Poem of 27/5

My heart is filled with emotion,
Rising as you state your notion:
“Dread comes with premonition,
I fear this is my last motion.”

My eyes open up, disbelief,
My eyes water up, in grief.
I close my eyes and see a leaf,
Dropping to the floor, then a “whiff”!

I open my mouth, calmly say,
“I refuse, it is not your last day!
If I were propose, if I may,
Hold on to me now, pray and stay.”

“Love flows like a waterfall,
Free for anyone, free for all.”
You open your eyes and stand tall,
Wings appear as you heed His call.