Did I Tell You

Did I tell you

That the day that you caught my eye
Was the day I wanted to die
That the day you asked for my name
Was the day I thought I could leave this world

Did I tell you

That the only face I could bother recognizing
Was yours, edited and pixelated
That the only words I wanted to read
Were yours, edited and autocorrected

Did I tell you

That every single picture I linked to you
Were painstakingly sorted so I always had one
That every video I watched from your feed
Were placed in a playlist so I would never forget them

Oh, that’s right
I never did
Cause I never realized that I had to tell you everything
In order for you to trust me at all

It also helped that I’m insane
I’m crazy
I have a thousand friends
All living in my head


I Want To

I want to sing harmony whenever I want to
I want to score a goal at a world class stadium
I want to watch the entire village thank me for helping them out with their water supply
I want to walk through the crowds and be recognised only by the children
I want to make my own home
I want to change the way people think about life
I want to be the best at something
I want to love someone undoubtedly
I want to, but I can’t
I want to, but I can’t.