I once liked a girl
Who was beautiful
On the inside
And on the outside
And I could never understand her

We would go out on a mind trip
To lands unknown
To accompany Daniel and Luce
As they made their way back to heaven
And back down to Earth again

I would sit down and think
What would she like me to do
Should I take more initiative
Is she mad at me
I never knew

The nights would come
And I would turn into a monster
Against the world and against myself
And she would try to comfort me
And she would fail over and over

The scars grew daily
As I woke up with little recollection
And I would try to talk to her
Hope she would laugh
So that I could have a chance of laughing

And mistakes were made
I was a candle willing to be burnt out
At the whims of the people I loved and cared for
And I burnt myself out
Because she wanted me to start anew

Now that the flame is gone
And I have forgotten all feelings towards her
The memories reside in my mind
Everything that I want to remember
Locked away in silence

And so I say to you, siren
That one day you pine for another
And I will pine for another
And we will remember those days
And we will not regret that Thursday

I Miss You

I miss you because the night frightens me
I miss you because I can’t remember why I don’t miss you
I miss you because the sun isn’t shining anymore like how it was when we were talking
I miss you because all that you said is echoing over and over in my mind
I miss you because the smell of your hair is lost to the smell of dinner
I miss you because the colour of your fingernails is washed away into the seas of misery
I miss you because the milk I drink is as white as your teeth
I miss you because I don’t know what else to do but to wait for you
I miss you because at work people don’t remember what my favourite movie of all time is
I miss you because at home the parents think I’m the worst child in the world
I miss you because you are you and I am me and we were meant to be but I don’t know anything anymore
I miss you because you are always on my mind
And yet I tell myself not to miss you
To keep moving forward
And yet my pillow is wet from tears
And my heart is breaking into pieces
And imploding from the coldness of the world
When the sun of my world disappears for the night
I miss you because you are all that and so much more
I miss you